Science Poetry

Annual Appreciation

“Practical, rational
Findings: week celebrates,
Spotlighting chem work of 
National fame…
Highlight stick-to-it-ive 
Process and aims!”

The 19 October 2020 Twitter poem marked the start of National Chemistry Week 2020.

“Practical, rational /
Findings: week celebrates, /
Spotlighting chem work of /
National fame…”

The first four lines noted the general themes of National Chemistry Week, which celebrates chemistry research across the USA.  The American Chemical Society sponsors related events and campaigns, throughout late October.  Each year involves a different theme highlighting a different aspect of the discipline of chemistry.    

Lab-analyzingly, /
Goal-synthesizingly: /
Highlight stick-to-it-ive /
Process and aims!”

The second four lines of this poem were focused on the 2020 theme for National Chemistry Week, “Sticking with Chemistry,” examining the science behind adhesives.  

Two hyphenated double-dactyl words, “lab-analyzingly” and “goal-synthesizingly,” summarized some of the main ways in which chemists complete their work.  Several types of analysis can be completed on compounds to understand their elemental composition and overall properties.  New chemical species can be synthesized in the lab, putting elements into new combinations. 

The “stick-to-it-ive” phrasing emphasized both adhesives as the subject of the 2020 celebration, specifically, and the determination with which scientists approach their goals, generally!  

This year’s week began on Monday and, for 2021, celebrates a theme related to ideas of chemical kinetics and reaction rates: “Fast or Slow, Chemistry Makes it Go.”  A new round of Twitter poems is thus in progress… which I’ll return to next year, in this space.