Writing Projects

April 2019 Limerick Project: This was the first project recorded in this space. In April 2019, National Poetry Month and the International Year of the Periodic Table coincided; I celebrated this timing with thirty days of Twitter limericks on chemistry-related topics. During Spring 2020, I “translated” these thirty poems: providing additional context so that an interested non-chemist might find them meaningful as well; aiming for fewer than 280 words (in honor of Twitter’s 280-character limit). The resulting set of essays is collected here.

Science Poetry: I’ve continued to write chemistry-themed light verse at my Twitter account since April 2019. At least once a week, I expand one of these into a short essay, as compiled here.

STEM Education Poetry: More recently, I’ve also begun to write some new poems, separate from Twitter. These directly address some topics in chemistry education that I’ve found illustrative as a teacher and hope to more directly acknowledge in my classroom in years ahead. These weekly essays, focusing generally on education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) can be found here.