Welcome! My website explores the overlap of chemistry and poetry: in particular, I am interested in the potential of rhymed verse to provide a novel introduction to scientific concepts and terminology.

In April 2019, National Poetry Month and the International Year of the Periodic Table coincided; I celebrated this timing with thirty days of Twitter limericks on chemistry-related topics. During Spring 2020, I “translated” these thirty poems: providing additional context so that an interested non-chemist might find them meaningful as well. The resulting set of essays is collected here.

I will continue to provide similar discussions of chemistry and poetry in the weeks ahead, as compiled in the Blog Feed.

As of June 2020, I have paused the scheduled updates on this website for a few weeks.  During the protests against racial injustice that have been taking place over the past several days, I’ve found this USA Today article to be thorough and informative, with a list of specific ways to take action against racism.